Childrens Book Review – Pearls Adventures Volume 2

Children need diversity in their early reading experiences. Childrens books should encourage imagination. If given the choice children need to be introduced to the many facets of life, cultures, and be encouraged to make decisions on information received.

A way to provide information for growing minds is there reading material. Pearls adventures covers a life style that is covered by one word, “Seachange.” Pearl is a bear that lives on a boat with her parents. Below is a review of volume 2 which contains two stores on some of her adventures.

The first story is called Little Boats. Pearl is going out in the little boat with her parents. Just before they go Pearl is standing on the back deck and hears a familiar noise, she screams out to her mum to get the camera. A dolphin is playing around in the harbor. Pearl gets really excited about going for a run around in the boat and searching for all sorts of creatures. Floating around the harbor Pearl finds birds sitting on the water. Pearl also sights what is commonly known as a ” Moreton Bay blue” (jelly fish) go under the boat. There are many sights to see. At the end of the day Pearl retires for a nap.

The second story is called Rain Rain go Away. This story is based on some of the activities Pearl participated in on a rainy day. To begin with Pearl decided to show the children the ships radio, which was a mistake because her Mother was not happy to see her playing with it. It was decided to keep Pearl out of trouble she could play with some of the musical instruments that belong to her mother.

The keyboard was first. Pearl asks her Mother some very good questions and proceeds to try and play. The noise was a bit strange and Pearl decided to give it away as it hurt her ears. Next item is the guitar. As Pearl is quite small her mother strums the guitar as she holds down the strings. This was not a big success either as neither of them could play.

The mouth organ was just the right size. Pearl could play it by herself and she enjoyed it. Pearl also learned a valuable lesion to, not everything can be learned in a day. So both mother and daughter will continue to learn everything can about music.

These kids books are entertaining and education on various levels for children or adults. Download is available.